Festive Fall Farm Wedding

When I started designing $10 bouquets for sale at NOCA, the goal was two-fold: to offer inexpensive, gorgeous flowers that would brighten people’s days, and to get the word out about Thimble Summer Flowers. So imagine my delight when I got this e-mail:

“I live near the coffee shop NOCA, and have really loved your flower arrangements there. My partner and I are getting married locally at the end of September — any chance you do flowers for weddings?”

After doing a happy dance or two, I got in touch with the couple, and we made a plan!

The couple had chosen the Wright-Locke Farm for their wedding site, a beautiful, rustic, working farm in Winchester, MA.

We agreed that the flowers should reflect the homey, welcoming spirit of the venue. 

They requested fragrant arrangements; rosemary, bay leaves, lavender and eucalyptus would both provide heavenly scents and gorgeous greens and accents.

When we were setting up, we were welcomed by dozens of bees, who came to check out the offerings.  (Every time I see a bee I smile; I did plenty of smiling that day!)

The farm has a re-purposed horse corral, the perfect place to put up a tent and tables, and dine al fresco.

The 1827 Barn is outfitted with festive lights, and is ideal for dancing, chatting, and soaking up the atmosphere.

Just as we left, we caught a glimpse of the bride in a moment of reflection before the festivities began – it was magical.

A wish for the Festive Fall Farm Wedding Couple:  may your married life be as beautiful, peaceful and joyous as your wedding day was!

Hello World!

First blog post!

How did we get here, anyway? Well, after an extended, informal love affair with flowers, I decided to formalize the relationship, and established (married? My analogy is falling apart…) Thimble Summer Flowers in 2017.

I’m constantly delighted and amazed by flowers—the astonishing variety of color and texture and scents; their changeability and fragility. My friend—let’s call her Sadie—hates cut flowers; she’s irritated by their impermanence. I, on the other hand, celebrate  their impermanence; their very transience is a gorgeous reminder that this moment, this one right here, is a  moment we should relish.  gladiolas ranunculus peonies roses daisies cornflowerSince spending more time with flowers, my eyes have been opened to the glories of foliage. I am awestruck by the zillions of shades of green in leaves, vines, and branches. When I walk outside (or go into the cooler at the flower market), I’m dazzled by the incredible variety of greens that Nature makes.variety of green shrubs, vines, and plantsDoing this work— creating floral arrangements to celebrate a moment in time — is a pleasure and an honor.  I feel very lucky!