Winery Wedding

Kate and Tony planned their wedding day with glee and anticipation, relishing thoughts of welcoming their friends and family traveling from near and far, low-pressure ways to include their tiny nephews in the festivities (spoiler alert: they called them the Little Buds! ::faints with cuteness::), dreaming of details that would be special and memorable for all.

The couple chose flowers that both reflected the palette of the New England autumn and harmonized with Kate’s blush gown and Tony’s blue suit…

Black Magic and Shimmer roses, scarlet astilbe, viburnum berries, and scabiosa pods wrapped in linen ribbon; Kate’s grandmother’s watch was her “Something Old.” Photo by (Once Like A Spark) Photography

Tony’s boutonniere is echeveria, viburnum berries, and scarlet astilbe. Photo by (Once Like A Spark) Photography

The flowers and colors accented beautifully against the bridesmaids’ peacock dresses.

Kate’s “bridesman” (her brother!) wore a boutonniere that coordinated with the bouquets of the bridal party.

Tony’s groomsmen all sported succulent boutonnieres…

…while the Little Buds got tiny boutonnieres of their own!

Kate and Tony wanted centerpieces that celebrated their appreciation for fine wine, and was a nod to their gorgeous venue, the 1620 Winery.  The centerpieces were anchored with slices of a tree from Kate’s uncle’s land.

Scarlet amaranth and grapevine garlands enhanced the painted wine bottles. Photo by (Once Like A Spark) Photography

After the ceremony, the bridal party’s bouquets were added to the spectacular field-stone fireplace mantelpiece!

Kate and Tony had a sweetheart table to themselves, where they could sit for a moment and bask in the warm wishes and cheerful toasts from their loved ones.

David Austin roses made a sweet centerpiece for the sweethearts. Photo by (Once Like A Spark) Photography

A wish for the Winery Wedding Couple: may your married life be as warm, happy, and love-filled as your wedding day was!



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